Ownership of Network

NXT DIGITAL understands the hard work you have put in to set up your network, on your terms. We believe your network is more than just a source of livelihood for you. You have risked your life and limb to set it up and we deeply appreciate the same.

NXT DIGITAL wishes to partner you and provide you a turnkey solution that will help you remain independent and go digital at the same time. With NXT DIGITAL you will have complete autonomy to make your own decisions in a transparent manner.

Do Your Own Broadcaster Deals

NXT DIGITAL offers you the freedom to choose the content you want to carry on your network. We offer you a white label service model wherein you can enter into tripartite agreements with the broadcasters of your choice, along with NXT DIGITAL as the third party. You may do your own content and carriage deals as per the requirements of your network.

Packaging and Pricing

At NXT DIGITAL we believe you know your subscribers best. That is why, we leave it to you to decide what services to provide to your customers and package them as per the requirements of your market. We believe in arriving at packaging based on your market's requirements.

Cash and Carry

NXT DIGITAL Set Top Boxes can be bought on a cash-and-carry basis directly within India. This enables you to purchase STBs in small quantities, allowing you to rotate your finances and provide STB’s as per customer demands.

Local Channels

NXT DIGITAL believes your local channels add diversity to your network. It is your way of bringing content which is only relevant to your customers.  We know your customers appreciate and value these channels. You can also earn additional revenue by advertising on these local channels. NXT DIGITAL offers you a system that allows you to insert as many as eight local channels.

Raising Technical Standards

NXT DIGITAL is a next generation digital platform, bringing your subscribers new standards of audio and video technology. NXT DIGITAL's Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS) technology ensures that there is no signal lost due to rain and your subscribers continue to receive uninterrupted service. NXT DIGITAL offers 500+ channels with best in class picture quality. In addition we will also be offering the next level of Value Added Services (VAS) to ensure that you always stay ahead of competition.